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Dr. Boyce Watkins Talks About 50 Cent Blasting Emmy’s!!!!!



Dr Boyce Watkins Talks About 50 Cent Blasting Emmy's

The great Dr. Boyce Watkins was interviewed. Hip Hop News Uncensored hosts ,O’God and SamAnt got his thoughts on current news.

Curtis”50 Cent” Jackson went all the way in.  The Emmy’s aired on Sunday on CBS. And, it was obvious that there are diversity issues. Especially, as it relates to the awards mostly being given to Caucasian actors. This is an ongoing issue within the arts.

Dr. Boyce gave his perspective. As always, Dr. Boyce was insightful. He pointed out we should not care much about the Emmy’s.  Most of the award shows were some kind of made up concept. These concepts were designed to not pay actors. However, the award shows were primarily evented to stroke actors egos.

Therefore, we should be careful not to buy into award show propaganda. And, I can agree. It is evident that award shows are biased. If we want to celebrate our actors we should create our own award show.

Of course, inclusivity is something we should be thinking. In terms of, celebrating people of color in general. Some may not agree. It does make sense. At lease it could not be worst then what we witnessed at this years Emmy’s.

So, does Fifty have a legitimate point or not? Some would agree that Fifty was on to something. I would venture to say while Fifty had a point. We need to re-think what awards we should support. Interestingly enough, in 12 categories all white actors were awarded

Shows such as “Pose” actor were snubbed. In addition, actors like the late Michael K. Williams were work was completely ignored, as reported by Complex. Overall, it was a clear message that was sent. Let’s keep it in mind, this kind of thing happens quite often. What are your thoughts?

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Check out the video above for more details.

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