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Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B!!!



Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B.

Dr. Boyce Watkins Addresses Cardi B. Why is there such a double standard in the music ministry? Let’s hear Dr. Boyce’s perspective. Shall we!

Does Cardi’s music affect children?

Dr. Boyce Watkins addresses Cardi B. Does hip hop music negatively affect our children or not? This is the question Dr. Boyce has posed to us.

Is Cardi and other hip hop artist responsible for what our children listen to or not? Who bares the responsibility of what our children listen to?

This is a hot topic, to say the least. Especially, since there are varying views. However, in this latest interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt Dr. Boyce speaks out.

In his opinion, Dr. Boyce holds Cardi responsible for the kind of music she puts out. In fact, Dr. Boyce did not hold back his thoughts.

Unfortunately, Cardi does not feel she should be held responsible for what our children listen to, as reported by The Guardian. Of course, parents should monitor what their children listen to.

But shouldn’t hip hop artist bare some responsibility? Are only parents responsible for what happens to their children. Especially, in this case, as is relates to hip hop music.

Is it safe to say that both parents and hip hop music artist bares some responsibility?  I don’t know how this debate will end.

But what I do know is we as a community must come to an agreement. Clearly, hip hop music has affected our children.

In my opinion, our children are exposed to so much sexual content. No matter where you look, sex is promoted. So, how could sexual content and lyrics in song not affect them.

I can see why Dr. Boyce feels Cardi is partly responsible. On the other hand, we should not leave it up to hip hop artist.

dr. boyce vs cardi

Check out the video above for more details.

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