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Dorian Missick Talks About 50 Cent’s TV Show!!!!



Dorian Missick Talks About 50 Cent's TV Show

Dorian Missick Talks About 50 Cent’s TV Show. The new television legal drama is a hit. It appear that Fifty has the Midas touch.

Dorian Missick gives 50 Cent accolades

Dorian Missick talks about 50 Cent’s TV show. In a recent interview Dorian talked about what it is like to work with Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent. The actor who is a character on the hit TV legal drama “For Life” speaks highly of 50 Cent, as reported by US Weekly.

In case you all have not seen “For Life” you should check it out. This hit show is loosely based on the life of Issac Wright Jr. On the show Aaron Wallace was wrongly convicted for a crime he did not commit. While in prison Aaron becomes a defense attorney. Actor Dorian Missick plays Aaron’s friend, Jamal Bishop.

Surprisingly, Dorian during the interview with hosts of Hip Hop Uncensored Podcast he revealed his boxing match with 50 Cent on the set. I completely forgot that 50 Cent dabbled in boxing. And, I found out that Dorian once dabbled in boxing , as well. Of course, Dorian would not admit who was the winner.

Keep in mind, Dorian not only talked about the comedic aspects of working with 50 Cent. Also, Dorian spoke about how 50 Cent is a hard working executive producer who is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the entertainment business. In fact, Dorian mentioned he was honored to work with 50 Cent.

curtis n dorian

Check out the video above for more details

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