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Donnell Jones Interview On Left Eye!!!!



Donnell Jones Interview On Left Eye

Donnell Jones Interview On Left Eye!!! The legendary R&B singer shares his issues.

Why did Donell Jones leave music?

Donnell Jones interview on Left Eye.  During his interview with the hosts(O’God and Sam Ant) of Hip Hop News Uncensored Donnell revealed a lot. I have always loved Donnell’s music. So, I found it very interesting that he would be so candid about his struggle with alcohol. Of course, I heard rumors of his drug use. However, you can’t always believe rumors are true.

In this case, Donnell spoke his truth. Lyrically, Donnell has one of the best voices in R&B music. Although, it appears that hip hop has taken over R&B is still relevant. In my opinion, R&B is one of the best music genre’s of all time.

In fact, Donnell’s music is as relevant today as it was in back when it was first recorded, as reported by The Grit. More important to note, is Donnell speaking on his relationship with Lisa Lopez aka Left Eye from the legendary female group (TLC). Unfortunately, Lisa was killed in a jeep accident on April 25, 2002. Lisa’s death was such a tragedy.

And, when Donnell was asked about their collaboration it was clear he is still feeling the effects of Lisa’s death. Donnell admitted that the re-make of his hit song “Say What” with Lisa was great. Donnell mentioned that Lisa took the song to another level. Overall. this was another great interview with O’God and Sam Ant.

With that said, I am glad Donnell spoke about overcoming his addictions. I hope that Donnell’s experience will help others who are struggling with drug abuse. By the way, Donnell is about to release new music. Stay tuned!!

donell n left eye

Check out the video above for more details.

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