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Doja Cat: Sick of ‘Say So’



Doja Cat

“Say So’ by Doja Cat was the infectious single that put the 25-year-old rapper on the map. The chorus of the mega-hit could be heard for months on TikTok as a mainstay. The combination of timeless music and the racy music video is highly palatable. However, reminiscent of Andre 300 of the rap group Outkast when he grew tired of performing ‘Hey Ya” for MTV, Doja Cat has grown fatigued of performing the song and… it’s humorous.

Doja Cat’s New Viral Performance

A comical video has been circulating online of the 25-year-old songstress giving a recent performance of the TikTok hit. She looks so unimpressed, annoyed even.

It became even more popular during the pandemic. Captivating the TikTok audience breeds automatic success. The hit song would soon be paired with a viral dance trend of its own. It became the sound of the summer.

Doja Cat has been Performing ‘Say So’ Live for 2 years

Viral popularity means being booked all over to perform the track. What was first met with enthusiasm is now a drag for Doja Cat who is ready to be released from the confined of the song’s grip on her music career.

Clearly, the rapper is tired of the repetitive cycle, and it is no fault of her own. While Doja Cat usually gives inspiring performances, the wow factor shifted to being in her facial expressions during the song instead of the actual performance.

Doja Cat: The Iconic Eyeroll

Doja Cat does not interrupt the performance by saying “Gee, I’m really tired of this song.” but it’s written all over her face, she doesn’t have to say a word.

The ‘Kiss Me More’ singer also did the standard TikTok dance during this performance, but again, with hardly any real effort. In addition to commenting on how hilarious the video was, fans were absolutely smitten with it. What could have been to her detriment, worked out for her in the end.

One Twitter user wrote in response to the viral video: “When your label makes you perform your only hit for two years straight.”

Another fan posted: “She hates this dance now did anyone else catch the eye roll?”

Doja Cat is in Good Company

Many artists have been known to suffer from this type of repetitive song fatigue. Nicki Minaj. went on record saying that she hates Starships. Only to walk on the set of RuPaul’s drag race where they played it for the Queen rapper again and again as they performed a lip sync battle to it. Between Andree 3000 and Nicki Minaj, I’d say Doja Cat is in good company.

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