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Does Nicki Minaj Have Veneers?



Nicki Minaj

The wealthiest woman in Hip Hop, Nicki Minaj, has come under fire year after year for her good looks. The pretty privilege that may have played a part in her career success, has also served at several points in the rapper’s life as a pretty prison. Especially when it comes to the constant attacks on her person. Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, known professionally as Nicki Minaj, is a Trinidadian-born rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, icon, and empire. Minaj is one of the most influential and best-selling female artists of all time. So far the icon has cold 137 million records worldwide. People want to know if her nose and teeth are real. Google searches for Minaj reveal an attachment between her name and veneers, why?

Does Nicki Minaj have Veneers?

Objectively speaking, the woman is beautiful. Some individuals find themselves so intimidated by the good looks of another person that they console themselves with “it’s not real” in an effort to feel less inadequate. With Minaj, it is understandable to inquire about cosmetic surgery considering her famously augmented breasts and bottom half. However, according to not only Minaj but also cosmetic surgeons and countless associates, the rapper’s teeth and nose are her own. Indeed, one look at her mother proves that this nose of hers is genetic. Nicki Minaj has not had a nose job nor has she opted for veneers. Minaj does not even have a false tooth, she has all over her teeth.

Did Nicki Minaj have her Teeth Done?

It is important to note that she has had work dental work done in the way of cleanings and teeth whitening only. Perhaps a cavity filling here and there but all and all those are her teeth. As a  woman of African descent with a naturally narrow nose in Hollywood people automatically assumed that Minaj had work done to her nose. Before and after pictures of Nicki Minaj prior to her fame and subsequent to it, reveal the same nose with a little contouring and highlighting.

Are Nicki Minaj’s Teeth Real?

It is true that makeup can enhance or distort our features. This is why make-up artists are paid so well. Narrowing the nose, enlarging the eyes, causing the lips to appear more full and pouty can all be accomplished with makeup. Lighting also plays a role in how our features are presented in photos. Bright lights wash your face out causing you to appear shades lighter than what you are or less muscular than what you actually are. This is why for example it is so important for non-black muscle models in weight lifting competitions to use an entirely unnatural spray tan. Darkening their muscles keeps their muscle definition clear under the lights that would otherwise wash them out causing them to lose points and rank in the competition.

Did Nicki Minaj Have Plastic Surgery?

Lastly, there are filters. We must keep in mind that social media platforms and phones in general, come with layers of options when it comes to filtering our photos and appearance. Filters can also be applied to videos as well. We can shrink our jawlines and whiten the whites of ours eyes with inexpensive software. With that being said, when it comes to the facial beauty of Nicki Minaj, the exotic Trinidadian beauty is all-natural.

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