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DMX’s Manager Talks About DMX!!!



DMX’s Manager Talks About DMX. We hear some more news about the death of the iconic rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons.

Interview with Craig Brodhead DMX’s manager

DMX’s manager talks about DMX. We have not heard any official word on the death of rapper DMX. However, his manager gives his perspective, as reported by Fox5 News.

Unfortunately, we loss DMX in April. So many of us were shocked. Of course most people knew DMX had issues with drugs.

But would were drugs the reason DMX allegedly had a heart attack. With that said, Craig mentioned he was under the impression DMX wasn’t near death.

And, with that in mind he started to seek out alternative methods of medicine. The hope was DMX would be able to recover.  We now know that DMX could not be saved.

His situation was more serious than Craig thought. Doctors told them DMX had no brain activity. Also, the doctors did not know anyone who survived this sort of brain damage.

Let me iterate, this information is not the official word. During the interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt you get the impression Craig had the inside scoop.

The saddest part of the interview was Craig saying everyone thought DMX would make it through. Only to find out DMX would not make it.

Now, Craig and DMX’s  family are dedicated to keeping his memory and legacy alive. Most importantly, Craig is making sure DMX’s children will have a bright future.


Check out the video above for more details.

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