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Diddy’s Town Hall Meeting On Coronavirus!!!



Diddy's Town Hall Meeting On Coronavirus

Diddy’s Town Hall Meeting On Coronavirus. Sean Combs is concerned about Blacks getting Covid 19. The black community is dying at a faster rate than others.

Why are Blacks more effected by Covid 19?

Diddy’s town hall meeting on Coronavirus. Sean “Diddy”  combs put together a panel of experts from the black community. Some really influential people were invited to participate on the forum. The Reverend Al Sharpton,Van Jones, Angela Rye, Fat Joe, Mike Charles, Killer Mike, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Congressperson Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Big Sean.

The title “State of Black America & Coronavirus” was really befitting. Especially, since people in our community are dying at a much faster rate than others. Those in the black community have a lot of underlying health issues, as reported by Billboard. And, as a result we are more susceptible to getting Covid 19. In fact, not only are we more susceptible but we are dying at an alarming rate.

Therefore, we need to find solutions so that we can defeat Covid 19. While Diddy’s panel did not have all of the answers it was a great start. Unfortunately, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, lupus and other health problems make us at risk from dying from Covid 19.

Not to mention, that some in our community do not have health insurance. Also, some seniors and children are living below the poverty line. So, making decisions on whether to buy medicine or food becomes such an issue. I thought that Diddy spear heading this effort to provide information to our community was necessary.

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