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Diddy Speaks On His Alleged Altercation With Drake And Bad Boy Artists



diddy speaks on altercation

Diddy sat down to a interview with The Breakfast Club. Diddy confirmed that he did not get into an altercations with Drake . However, did have beef with former Bad Boy artist. Diddy went upside Drake’s head at a Miami night club. The rumors were that Diddy went upside Drake’s head inside a Miami night club. Of course, Diddy denied the allegations. However, Diddy was honest about having beef with former Bad Boy Records artist. Diddy admits he was very immature back then but has since matured and evolved to be a better man.

Diddy Was Arrested For Getting Into an Altercation with Son’s UCLA Coach

Also, during the interview Charlemagne joked about Diddy’s run in with his son’s , Justin’s UCLA football coach. Diddy was arrested for defending his son, Justin, and getting into a fight with the UCLA coach. Coach Sal Alosi, told Justin to get off of the field during practice. The coach told Justin not to come back  for the rest of the season. A fight between Diddy and the coach ensued. Know one was hurt and UCLA wanted to put the incident behind them.

Diddy gave Charlemagne and DJ Envy a funny spin on what really happened. Charlemagne had a  Cattle bell on the table and made reference to Diddy about using it. The interview with Diddy was very revealing and insightful.

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