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Diddy & Jermaine Dupri Friendly Banter On Fat Joe’s IG Live!!!



The Verzuz between Ja Rule and Fat Joe is influencing some big names in hip hop. Now, Jermaine and Diddy may be headed to the mic. Especially, since Fat Joe had both legendary producers on his show. Not to mention, Snoop was in the “Peanut Gallery” laughing and egging it on.

Do You Think Diddy and Jermaine Will Do A Verzuz?

Both Diddy and Jermaine seem to be up for the Verzuz. Even though, Diddy mentioned Jermaine would be no match for him. Well, Jermaine called Diddy out on Fat Joe’s live. Which by the way, Snoop was there for it. It was obvious that all of the men in Fat Joe’s live show have admiration for each other. Because as Diddy and Jermaine were talking trash back and forth, Snoop and Joe were laughing uncontrollably in the background. At one point, Joe and Snoop could not control their laughter.

However, it was Diddy who seemed to dominate the conversation, as reported by Complex. Diddy hit the fans with a clear reminder.

“You amnesia-having motherfuckers. I done gave y’all life for motherfucking 20 years of music,” he said. “I’ma tell you, JD, anything I touch. Anything I breathed on, executive produced, anything I thought up, anything I fucking did, whatever. You hear me? Don’t play with me.”

Also, he told Jermaine, “Ayo, short arms. You need to chill out short arms. You hear me?” Diddy told Dupri just moments after joining the broadcast. “Ayo, I love you. First of all, I want the world to know that this is one of my best friends. You know, one of my best inspirations.”

From that point on, Diddy kept coming at Jermaine with a 0ne-two. Diddy played some of his hits in the background, “Victory”, “Hypnotize” and “All About The Benjamins.” Finally, Jermaine hit back Ushers’s “Confessions.” I thoroughly enjoyed the preview. No doubt Diddy and Jermaine will do the Verzuz. Guess what, almost at the end of the live video Timbaland and Swizz Beatz joined in. Do you think Jermaine is a “worthy opponent” for Diddy, after all?

Check out the video above for more details.

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