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Diddy Helps Former Bad Boy Rapper “Shyne” Return To the US!!!



Diddy Helps Former Bad Boy Rapper "Shyne" Return To the US

The former Bad Boy artist has now become a representative of Belize. Moses “Shyne” Barrow went to prison in 2001 before the debut of his first album. The altercation in a New York nightclub with Diddy sent Shyne away for 10 years. Shyne is known for his 2000 singles “Bad boyz” and “Bonnie & Shyne.”

Shyne Is Head of His Political Party In Belize

When Shyne and Diddy were partying at a club in New York in 1999 an argument occurred between Diddy and some guys, Scar and Nino from Brooklyn.  Shyne knew it could end badly. So, he took action to protect his friends. Allegedly, Shyne saw someone with a gun, then Shyne starting shooting. Shyne believed his life along with Diddy and Jennifer Lopez (Diddy’s famous girlfriend at the time) was at risk. After the altercation, Shyne fled the club with Diddy and Jennifer. Later on, Shyne was arrested and went to trial. In 2001 Shyne was convicted and charged with attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment. Shyne served his time and was released. But because he was not a US citizen and a convicted felon Shyne was deported.

Shyne has returned a decade later a changed man. Since being released Shyne went into politics. He now represents Belize in the House of Representatives. Not only that, Shyne is the head of the HOR and with the opposition party in Belize.

We are hearing reports, Diddy was instrumental in getting Shyne back into the US. Although, Shyne has not confirmed the rumors. In fact, Shyne has reentered the US solely on diplomatic business, a reported by Hot New Hip Hop.

Last year, Shyne sat down with rapper Fat Joe on his Instagram show to discuss the club altercation in detail.  During his interview with Fat Joe, Shyne revealed this,

“I was in fear for my life,” Shyne began. “Scar who was the instigator … I know Scar from Brooklyn. Those are my guys. I didn’t have a problem with him; that wasn’t my beef. That was Puff’s issue. They had a problem with Puff for whatever reason. Scar, Nino and the entire Brooklyn crowd was in Club New York. I seen them, it was all love but when they started arguing with Puff … I know what these Brooklyn guys are capable of. I know what Scar is capable of. I know what Nino is capable of. I know what happens once these arguments start. Once they start, it becomes a problem — a serious problem. Once he starts talking crazy, yeah, I became afraid for my life. Once he says it’s about to happen then it’s about to happen.

“I seen somebody reach for a gun and I reached for my weapon and I defended my friends and myself. Cause once he starts firing, once whoever else pulls out a gun and starts firing, it doesn’t stop there.”

The incident at the nightclub in New York made headline news. Especially, since most people think that Shyne took the fall for Diddy. Not to mention, Jennifer left Diddy shortly after it all went down. Diddy and Shyne’s relationship deteriorated. For some time both men did not have any dealings. As time has pass Diddy and Shyne have mended their fences. With his new political status, Shyne wants to improve relations between the US and Belize. At this time, we do not have Shyne’s specific agenda as it relates to the US and Belize. Stay Tuned!!!

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