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Did Tekashi Serve 600 Breezy To Feds?!?!?



Did Tekashi Serve 600 Breezy To Feds?

Did Tekashi Serve 600 Breezy To Feds? Of course, this is all speculation at this point. But Tekashi has been labeled a rat.

Is Tekashi 69 at it again?

Did Tekashi serve 600 Breezy to Feds? Is it safe to say once a rat always a rat? Or does 600 Breezy’s trouble with the law his own doing? Be that as it may, 600 Breezy put something up on social media that suggest Tekashi is giving him up to the Feds, as reported by The Source.

However, we don’t know for certain if this is factual. What we do know is that Tekashi has been an informant for the Feds. Recently, both Tekashi and 600 Breezy have fired shots back in forth.

The beef between these rappers is heating up. Therefore, it is not far fetched to believe what 600 Breezy is saying. Here is what 600 Breezy share on Twitter:

“Dude put the police on me,” Breezo wrote on Twitter. “I been had a warrant for three weeks. leave buddy alone fr. It’s not a drill he is the feds.”

With that being said, there may be truth to 600 Breezy message. Although, 600 Breezy did not mention what kind of trouble he is in. Clearly, 600 Breezy believes Tekashi is behind it all.

Also, it sounds like he has proof. Stay Tuned!

Check out the video above for more details.

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