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Did Lil Nas X Say “F*** Your Kids” On The Breakfast Club?!?!?



Lil Nas X was interviewed by the hosts of “The Breakfast Club.” DJ Envy asked Lil Nas X a question about responsibility to children. Of course, the question was about Lil Nas X’s controversial choices for his music and videos. Well, Lil Nas X did not hesitate to give his raw unadulterated opinion. Brace Yourself!!!

Will Lil Nas X Be Cancelled For Dissing Children?

Call it what you want. Lil Nas X cares less about what people think. In other words, Lil Nas X does not feel responsible for what our children think or feel about his music. Parents should really take note. This young rapper who is celebrated by some could care less about how his music affects children. And, this should sound an alarm. It is one thing to be creative and express yourself musically. However, it is another, to disregard your responsibility as an artist. Certainly, there are differing opinions on this topic. But her is some of what Lil Nas X said, as reported by Yahoo,

DJ Envy asked Lil Nas X if he feels pressure from many parents saying he has a responsibility because “kids are watching.” Lil Nas X jokingly replied, “I feel like I used to, but now it’s just, like, so? Like, fuck your kids.”

So, let’s look at why what Lil Nas X said is problematic. Evidently, Lil Nas X once felt conflicted about his stand on what people think. Does Lil Nas X have a point? Should music artists be solely responsible for what our children view? Personally, I really think that in some way we are all responsible to nurture and affirm our children. If not us, then who? Not to get too deep, every culture should take on the responsibility for the next generation, in some way. How can we forget the sacrifices that our ancestors made? Some people hate to talk about the journey from African shores to America. And, they definitely don’t want to talk about how African Americans still feel the adverse effects of slavery. Especially, as it relates to the well-being of our children. Has music become the new “slave master?” In terms, of purchasing the conscience of young impressionable minds.

There is this culture within rap that has seemed to deviate from the original design for rap. And, Lil Nas X is within that group.  It has become all about “I’m going for mines”, “Get the bag” or “The Price Went Up”, so to speak.  The flash, and raunchiness of some can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Whatever happened to protect the young and innocent? Does anything go?

Let’s be clear, there are people behind Lil Nas X who are promoting the alleged “Shit Show”, as Tyrese pointed out. In addition, Lil Nas X is learning how to stay relevant. The more outrageous becomes, the more people love to see what he will do next. Keep in mind, just like other artists who have faded to the back, so will Lil Nas X. It’s a case of five seconds of fame. Or is it?

Whether you agree or not, it has to be said, Lil Nas X should be careful about his choice of words. On the other side of the coin, does Lil Nas X have a right to his opinion? Should it be off-limits to talk about women and children negatively? What happened to decency and order?

A few last observations, what is normal for some is abnormal for others. What was once right has become wrong. Nowadays, you can be anything you want. You can do anything you want. Obviously, you can say anything you want. Or so it seems. By the way, will Lil Nas X get canceled? Stay Tuned!!!!

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