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Did Kevin Crush Charlamagne HBO Deal?!?!



Did Kevin Crush Charlamagne HBO Deal?

Did Kevin Crush Charlamagne HBO Deal? Well, Kevin appears to have some sort of vendetta against Charlamagne. At least it appears Kevin does.

Did Kevin really stop Charlemagne’s money?

Did Kevin crush Charlamagne HBO deal? This alleged audio of Kevin admitting he stopped the HBO deal has resurfaced, as reported by Bossip.

Of course, there is not real proof that what Kevin allegedly said is true. However, one thing is clear, that is Kevin has it in for Charlamagne.

In fact, Kevin has been popping off a lot lately. Especially, as it relates to Charlamagne. Is Kevin trying to get Charlamagne cancelled?

Also, Kevin keeps alluding to the fact Charlamagne is guilty of rape.  But the alleged rape case against Charlamagne was dismissed. So, why is Kevin bringing up old news?

If what Kevin is saying is true, how will this stop Charlamagne from making money. I did wonder what happened to the HBO deal.

Especially, since we thought Charlamagne was going to leave “The Breakfast Club.” And, it does make me wonder what happened.

Be that as it may, Kevin does seem to have a serious issue with Charlamagne. With that said, it is highly unlikely that Kevin has that kind of pull.

One thing is certain, I am sure some are waiting for Charlemagne’s response.

Check out the video above for more details.

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