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DeSean Jackson IG Post Receives Backlash!!!!



DeSean Jackson IG Post Receives Backlash

DeSean Jackson IG Post Receives Backlash. The Philadelphia Eagles football player made some awful comments. These comments may cost DeSean greatly.

DeSean made a huge mistake

DeSean Jackson IG post receives backlash. Unfortunately, DeSean made some comments about Hitler. In a Instagram post Desean made reference to something s Hitler said. Black people were “the real Children of Israel”, as reported by CNN.

Needles to say, DeSean offended the Jewish community and other Jewish supporters. Also, DeSean made reference in another post that Jews  have a plan to “extort America.” What was DeSean thinking? You have to be careful what you say on social media. Especially, when you make comments that could be considered anti- Semitic.

In addition, DeSean showed a clip of Minister Louis Farrakhan speech. In the speech Minister Farrakhan’s believes that Dr.Fauci and Bill Gates plan to “depopulate the Earth.” Of course, we have seen the videos with Bill Gates promoting a vaccine for Covid -19. Some think it is a plan to destroy Blacks. While others think people don’t have that kind of power.

Nevertheless, DeSean is receiving a lot of backlash for his comments. As a result,  DeSean may have done considerable damage to his career. With that said, DeSean issued an apology to the Jewish community. But I think DeSean will still be reprimanded by the Eagles team. It remains to be seen whether DeSean will be suspended or face worst consequences.

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