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DEA Agent Who Harassed J Prince & Scarface Is Sentenced!!!



DEA Agent Who Harassed J Prince Gets Caught.

The news about Chad A. Scott’s demise hit the media. And, J Prince went on Instagram to confirm it.

Chad’s harassment of JPrince N Scarface is over

Both J Prince and Scarface talked about their encounter with DEA agent Chad.

Scarface added bars on his songs “Look in My Eyes” and “The Gangsta Shit” which told his account of what happened with Chad.

In so many words, Scarface mentioned Chad tried to stop his flow. However, I am not sure what that means. But reading between the lines it appears Chad was trying to mess with Scarface.

scarface j prince chad

Also, J Prince echoed Scarface’s sentiment with his own accusations against Chad. With that said, we now know that both men were correct.

Evidence was presented by the prosecutor. Allegedly, Chad lied about seizing a truck in New Orleans instead of Houston.

The issue was Chad had instructed a drug trafficker from Houston to purchase the Ford F -150 worth $43k. As a result, of Chad lying he was given the truck to drive around in.

In fact, former DEA agent Chad was indicted on two counts of perjury, three counts of obstruction of justice, and two counts of falsifying government records, as reported by XXL Mag.

Obviously, Chad made a practice of operating in this manner. Otherwise, he would not be going to prison.

So when J Prince got the news of Chad’s sentencing he posted this:



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A post shared by J Prince (@jprincerespect)

In light of, Chad’s sentencing will other charges surface. Also, how many times has Chad done this sort of thing?

Moreover, is what Chad is accused of common practice with law officials.

Especially, as it relates to profiling rappers and other entertainers? I wonder if any other DEA agents were involved in this elaborate scheme.

Be that as it may, Chad will be serving time in prison for his crimes. Rightfully so.

j prince

Check out the video above for more details.

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