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Dave Chappelle Is Being Dragged For LGBTQ+ Comments!!!



Dave Chappelle Is Being Dragged For LGBTQ+ Comments

UPDATE: The National Black Justice Coalition asks for Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special to be removed. According to Black Enterprise, the NBJC wants “The Closer”, pulled off the app. The NBJC called Chappelle’s special, “lazy and hostile transphobia and homophobia”. David Johns, the director of the NBJC went on to say, “Netflix should immediately, pull “The Closer”, from its platform and directly apologize to the transgender community.” So, there you have it. Chappelle is really taking heat for his remarks on the LGBTQ+ community.

Comedian Dave Chappelle is in hot water, again. This time Chappelle made comments that did not go over well. In his new Netflix special “The Closer.” Chappelle’s last Netflix special he made negative comments about the late entertainer Michael Jackson’s accusers. And, he made comments about the LGBTQ+ community. Does Chappelle have a pattern of allegedly condemning certain communities?

Will Chappelle Be Cancelled For This?

Should comedians get in trouble for their satire? Especially, because comedians are known for their off-color comments. In fact, many of the greats such as Richard Pryor, Red Foxx, and Paul Mooney’s comedy routines were considered to be raunchy and politically incorrect. Doesn’t Chappelle have a valid point? When Chappelle spoke these words, well let’s just say, some folks got upset,

“Nothing bad happened to his career,” he says. “Do you see where I’m going with this? In our country, you can shoot and kill a [n-word] but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings.”

Also, Chappelle mentioned that rapper DaBaby was made an “egregious mistake.” However, many others failed to see DaBaby made a mistake. Chappelle admitted he did not hate gays. And, he went on to say, he was “jealous” of them. What seems to be problematic with Chappelle’s comments is the next comment he made,

“We Blacks,” he says, “we look at the gay community and we go … ‘Look how well that movement is going. Look how well you are doing. And we’ve been trapped in this predicament for hundreds of years. How … are you making that kind of progress?’ I can’t help but feel like if slaves had baby oil and booty shorts, we might have been free a hundred years sooner.”

Chappelle did not hesitate to speak his mind. As he often does. Has some in our society become overly sensitive. Or should some comments be off-limits? Not only, is Chappelle getting blasted but “Dear White People”, star Jaclyn Moore, who was incidentally is a trans, tweeted she does love working with Netflix? But she is considering not to work with them again unless they make some changes.

In addition, the Human Rights organization, GLAAD voiced their concerns. According to the Washington Post article, GLAAD mentions Chappelle has become, “synonymous with ridiculing trans people and other marginalized communities.” The fact still remains, should Chappelle be held to the same standard as others? We must not forget, Chappelle made these comments during a comedy routine. Did Chappelle go too far, or not? Should Chappelle be canceled or not? I will let you all be the judge of that.


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