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Darius Slay Coming To The Philadelphia Eagles!!!!



Darius Slay coming to the Philadelphia Eagles

Darius Slay Coming To The Philadelphia Eagles. Will Darius help the NFL Eagles team win Superbowl next season? Is Darius a good fit for the Eagles?

Was this the right move for the Eagles?

Darius Slay coming to the Philadelphia Eagles. I am wondering if Darius’s trade from the Detroit Loins will be enough to help the Eagles win. Last year the Eagles did not do as well as we all expected. And, as a Philly native I was looking forward to a Superbowl repeat. However, I must say I was really disappointed with the Eagles last season. Especially, since the Eagles were Superbowl champs.

Be that as it may, people are saying that , Big Play Slay, is just the player the Eagles need. Darius is a veteran cornerback and the Eagles admit he is just what they need, as reported by Philadelphia Eagles website. Also, say that Darius is “talented, experienced, a terrific athlete, and he’s made a living by making big plays, hence the nick name “Big Play Slay.”

With that being said, the Eagles have agreed to give Darius a three – year contract. Darius was  a second round draft pick by the Detroit Lions. In addition, Darius was a  three – time Pro Bowl player. That is quite impressive if you ask me. At any rate, I am looking forward to what Darius will bring to the Eagles. Go Eagles!!!!

Darius Slay


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