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Dan Patrick: Loud and Wrong



Dan Patrick

A Republican lieutenant governor refuses to apologize for making false claims while Texas encounters the highest hospitalization rates since January. Lieutenant governor Patrick, who is a Republican, refused to apologize for blaming rising Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths on unvaccinated African Americans.

Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick Black African Americans for Spike in Covid Cases

Continuing his remarks to Fox News, Patrick named Democratic social media trolls and said, “Democrats continue to play politics with people’s lives”.
Sylvester Turner, the African-American mayor of Houston who is a Democrat, described Patrick’s comments as “offensive and should not be ignored”.

Dan Patrick Doubles Down on the Accusation

Hospitalization rates in Texas have hit their highest level since January amid widespread concern about the Delta variant. This week, it was revealed that the state had requested more mortuary trucks from the federal government. The vast majority of those hospitalized or killed by Covid-19 in the US did not receive a vaccine.

Dan Patrick refuses to apologize for the racially insensitive and incorrect statement

On Thursday night, Patrick said the following to Fox News host Laura Ingraham: “The biggest group in most states are African Americans who have not been vaccinated. The last time I checked over 90% of them vote for Democrats in their major cities and major counties, so it’s up to the Democrats – just as it’s up to the Republicans – to try to get as many people vaccinated.” Patrick said in his statement on Friday that federal and state data “clearly indicate that Black vaccination rates are significantly lower than White or Hispanic rates”. However, Texas Department of Health statistics didn’t support his statements.

Dan Patrick’s comments are not supported by the Data

About 15% of Covid-19 cases and a little more than 10% of deaths are attributed to black Texans, who comprise about 12% of the more than 29 million people in the state. Approximately 8% of the vaccinated population in Texas is Black, compared to 35% of the white population. In Texas, white people make up about 40% of the population. The percentage of Texans with full vaccinations is 44%, compared to 50% nationally.

Dan Patrick Supports Individual Rights

According to Johns Hopkins University, the seven-day rolling average of daily Covid deaths in Texas increased from 50.29 a day on 4 August to 115.14 a day on 18 August. Over 50,000 deaths are attributed to Covid-19 in Virginia and more than 627,000 across the nation. Fox News Texas Republicans quoted Patrick as saying, “respect the fact that if people don’t want the vaccination, we’re not going to force it on them. That’s their individual right”.

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