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Dame Dash Confronts Lee Daniels Over $2 Million Loan!



dame dash confronts lee daniels

In a report from The Blast talks about Damon Dash being owed over $5 million from Director Lee Daniels. Dash claims, years ago he loaned Daniels $2 million for projects that Daniels was working on. The agreement was for Daniels to pay him for future projects including Dash being executive producer on the Richard Pryor biopic, “Is it something I said?”. However, Daniels has not paid Dash any money.

Dash has now filed a lawsuit against Daniels for breach of contract. He is asking for 5% of the profits made on Daniels projects, which may add up to at least $5 million.

Supposedly, Dash walked up to Daniels at the Hollywood Bowl and asked for his money.  Dash posted a picture of  him and Daniels where he allegedly asked for his money. So far, Daniels has not commented.

Dash has no problem confronting someone when he feels his has been wronged. Take a look at another time when Dash was not informed about his artist who at the time was Jay Z. They don’t call Dash the most feared man in hip hop for nothing.

Lee Daniels might as well pay Dash what he owes him. Certainly, Daniels has the money to do so since his net worth is reported to be more than $20 million. Daniels has had great success with the TV show “Empire” and movies,“The Butler”, and “Precious.” Otherwise, Dash might really tear dat A** up! We recently reported that Dame Dash has a net worth of negative $2 million. Maybe this will bring him back even.


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