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DaBaby Detained For A Shooting!!!



DaBaby Detained For A Shooting.

DaBaby Detained For A Shooting. According to multiply sources DaBaby was in police custody. Of course, details are a little sketchy.

Will DaBaby face charges or not?

DaBaby detained for a shooting. The rapper and his crew were involved  an incident. What we have learned is they were traveling in a car.

Another car pulled up beside them. Then words were exchanged and shoots were fired. Also, multiply people called 911 after hearing the gunfire.

When police arrived on the scene they found two people shot. However, DaBaby was not injured. But he was taken in by police. Fortunately, the injuries were not fatal, as reported by Page Six.

One of the neighbors, Dimitri James told police it was a barrage of gunfire. He then said it seemed to go on forever. It is not the first time the young rapper has been in trouble with the law.

We received an update, DaBaby was released without any charges pending. With that said, there are two other suspects under police custody.

None of the victims or suspects name have been released by police.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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