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Colin Kaepernick Trying Out For NFL Teams!!!



Colin Kaepernick Trying Out For NFL Teams

Colin Kaepernick Trying Out For NFL Teams. Colin is finally getting an opportunity to get back into the National Football League. Apparently, Colin is holding a private workout session in Atlanta for the Falcon’s. And, Colin will allow the video to seen by at least 32 NFL teams.

Colin has not played in the NFL since 2016

Unfortunately, Colin was a free agent when he took the controversial stand for racial injustice. Colin made a powerful statement when he decide to kneel during the National Anthem to demonstrate against social and racial inequality. However, Colin was penalized during a game when he took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. After, making such a statement the NFL did not pick Colin up after the season was over, as reported by The Washington Post. In fact, Colin and another player, Eric Reid sued the NFL for collusion. Fortunately, both players won the settlement of $10 million.

Personally, I don’t think the NFL paid each man enough money for their pain and suffering. Especially, since Colin has not been able to get a spot on any NFL team in almost 4 years. To make matters worst the NFL banned players from “Taking A Knee” or making any stand against the NFL that would suggest anything other than what the league represents, so to speak.

So, now it appears that Colin will be trying out for a spot on one of the NFL teams. The private workout will be held in Atlanta at the Falcon’s training facility. In addition, a video of Colin’s workout will be provided for 32 NFL teams. So far, no NFL team owner has made comments about the Colin’s private workout session. Nor, do we know what teams will be present at the workout. However, I hope that Colin will get a chance to play for the NFL once again.


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