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Colin Kaepernick Convinces Nike To Yank Offensive Shoe!!!



Colin Kaepernick Convinces Nike To Yank Offensive Shoe

Colin Kaepernick convinces Nike to yank offensive shoe. The former NFL football star has become a very influential activist. In Colin’s latest crusade against injustice, he has persuaded the sneaker giant to halt production of Betsy Ross Flag sneakers.

Colin Kaepernick talks and Nike listens

Colin Kaepernick is no pushover. Remember the commercial about EF Hutton” When EF Hutton talks people listen.” Well, when Colin talks, Nike listens. Nike’s creative team probably did not see the backlash coming. Especially, since it was a special edition to commemorate the day which celebrates US independence. However, Colin quickly reminded Nike the sneak was offensive because of its connection to slavery. The flag in question was sewn by Elizabeth Griscom aka Betsy Ross. The old American Revolutionary flag does not represent all Americans today. Therefore, Nike agreed with Colin Kaepernick and stopped production of the sneakers, according to TMZ. And, Nike pulled sneakers from retailers, as well. While some would disagree with Nike’s decision, it was absolutely the right choice.

Colin n Nike sneak

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