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Chloe Bailey: A Solo Star is Born



Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey has clearly graduated from the University of Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter with honors, and we are here for it! A solo star is born, and the girls are scared, as they should be. The goddess energy of Kali-Ma and others is apparent in the sheer force of Chloe Bailey’s primal scream featured in both the music video and the live performance of ‘Have Mercy’. She’s giving Medusa with the hair and unfortunately with her story as well.

The mythological story of Medusa is one of being a black woman so beautiful and desirable, that she was wronged in the worst ways by those that envied her including the goddess Athena. Chloe Bailey has been suffering the same fate for years on a public stage for all to see.
chloe 2
You may recall when the young teen who finally came of age won the “buss-it” challenge breaking the internet with her “booty so big” that she was dragged to tears over it. In a beautiful landscape full of BBLs Chloe rightfully boasts of an all-natural derriere that is as “bootylicious” as that of her famous mentor’s, whose influence had the word entered into the dictionary, although rapper Snoop Dog used it first.
destiny child
Chloe is regularly trolled and hazed for her desirable proportions. Add an unrivaled voice with contralto low tones and whistle notes recognized by Mariah Carey and dolphins, and you have a lonely unicorn in a world of horses.
chloe on tiktok
Fortunately for the unicorn, she’s got a sister who is a mermaid ‘The Little Mermaid” that is, who puts the Aries fire in Ariel, on and off the set, as she fiercely defends her sister with the burning flames of love and sisterhood.
Chloe made her debut as a solo artist on MTV with a Beyonce’ approved performance reminiscent of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy in Love” coming out on BET with backdrops of their names only. What should have been a celebration for the tender-hearted twenty-something-year-old, became a fun fest for people who feel threatened by her.
All over social media platforms, the conversation has become about a wardrobe malfunction, an alleged visible tampon string. A detail so minute it could only be found by someone searching desperately through the perfection, for error. Chloe wore a spoon as an accessory on the red carpet because she knew she would eat up that performance and become a household name. Chloe is a champion. She came, she performed, she conquered.

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