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Chicago Rapper KTS Dre Shot 64 Times!!!



Over the weekend, rapper Londre” KTS Dre” Sylvester was gunned down in a hail of bullets. KTS Dre was just released from the Cook County jail on Saturday, July 10. The shooting occurred around 9 p.m. The 31 – year – old was standing across from the Cook County jail. Suddenly, several gunmen emerged from two separate automobiles firing shots. According to Chicago police, KTS Dre was hit over 64 times. During the horrific shooting two women were injured but are expected to recover. Unfortunately, KTS Dre was rushed to nearby Mount Sinai Hospital. But he did not survive his injuries.

Was KTS Dre killing gang-related?

The Chicago rapper has just been released from custody and fitted with an electronic ankle monitor. His fiancee has posted the reduced bail of $5 grand on Friday. KTS Dre had been jailed for violating the conditions of his release. Court records indicated  KTS Dre had violated a gun possession charge from 2020. Also, police reports identified KTS Dre as a member of the “Lakeside Gangsta Disciples. This huge gang has members all over the country. Especially, in the prison population.

Whether or not KTS was a member of this notorious Gangsta Disciples or not remains to be seen. Clearly, KTS was ambushed by gunmen that meant to kill him. Fans of KTS Dre had questions about why he was not released on Friday when bail was posted? Why did the gunmen know what time and day he would be released? Sounds like an inside job, if you ask me. Of course, we may never really know what happened.

Tragically, KTS Dre’s brother and father met a similar fate

In 2015 KTS Dre’s brother was shot and killed. Prior, to KTS Von’s death, their father Vinnie was killed. I can’t even imagine what this family has suffered. Now, they have to grieve the loss of another family member. In my opinion, there is too much death among our young black men. Over the last few years, gun violence has claimed the lives of rappers (Nipsey Hussle, Indian Red Boy, and King Von. When will gun violence end?

vinnie von n kts dre

Hopefully, police can recover video footage from surveillance cameras in the area. The Cook County jail has given over full responsibility to the Chicago Police Department. So far, the Chicago Police have not released any official statement about the incident. KTS Dre’s had a promising career ahead of him. Just take a look at his video “Kill To Live.” Instead, his family will have to bury him along with his dreams of making it big. Sadly, another young rapper has lost his life to street violence.

kts dre

Check out the video above for more details.

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