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Charlamagne Calls Out The NFL Editing His Words!!!



Charlamagne Calls Out The NFL Editing His Words

Charlamagne calls out the NFL for editing his words. By now we have all seen highlights from the video where Jay and Roger Goodell spoke with Charlamagne. And, as always, Charlamagne asked some difficult questions of the two men.

Whose idea was it to cut parts of the conversation?

Obviously, someone did not want questions about Colin Kaepernick to be aired. At least, that is what co-host of “The Breakfast Club” Charlamagne Tha God is saying.  Charlamagne asked Goodell some very significant questions about Kaepernick. However, when the video clip aired there was no sign of Charlemagne’s questions to be found, according to a BET news report. While Jay answered the questions Charlamagne asked oddly Goodell remained silent. Here is what did not make it on air:

“I asked Goodell was Kaep blackballed and he said, “No, owners can sign him whenever they want,”he wrote on Instagram. “I also asked him about people saying this partnership is disingenuous because Kaep doesn’t have a job, and I told him the best PR move the @NFL could do is to sign Kaep but all that’s on the cutting room floor somewhere but this post isn’t about me, it’s about the conversation being had.”

Also, Charlamagne added,”I don’t see why anyone would think Jay is doing this for any reason other than he thinks he can make a real change. Has he not shown us he knows how to move in a room of vultures?” While we may never know whose idea it was to cut part of Charlemagne’s conversation. What we do know is that Charlamagne does not appear to be in disagreement with why Jay has decided to partner with the NFL.


Check out the video above for more details

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