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Bill Cosby Is Going To Prison

 In a Norristown courtroom today, actor and comedian William Henry Cosby Jr. better known as Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison. Cosby was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand over a decade ...

MGK vs Eminem: Who won?

Eminem has made himself very well known to be a battle rapper. A rapper who disses people, and starts beef. (Seriously, that wasn’t an insult) With the release of his new album, Kamikaze, Eminem went on a beef campaign, with ...

Suge Knight’s Plea Deal Gets Him 28 Years in Prison

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast Live, host O’God and Sam Ant discussed Suge Knight’s criminal case. Music mogul Marion Suge Knight’s plea deal is 28 years for manslaughter. Unfortunately, Knight is not a stranger to trouble. He has a history ...

Kanye West Loses Cool Over Kim K?!?!

Kanye West has been known to speak his mind, especially on social media. Something caused Kanye West to lose his cool over Kim KHe went in really hard dissing Drake and Nick Cannon. West uploaded a series of Instagram videos. ...

Is Cardi B’s Former Roommate Lying ?!!?

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant did a live interview with Cardi B’s former roommate, Starmarie. Starmarie is claiming that Cardi B is lying about what the fact they once lived together. Also, Starmarie claims that ...

Was XXXtentacion’s Murder An Inside Job?

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant discuss new developments in the murder of rapper XXXtentacion. XXXtentacion’s sister thinks his murder was an inside job. Was XXXtentacion’s murder an inside job? Was XXXtentacion’s murder a inside job? ...

Katt Williams Roasts Wanda Smith and Her Husband Goes Nuts!!

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast host O’God and Sam Ant discussed the issue Katt Williams had with other comedians. Williams was a guest on the Frank and Wanda show in Atlanta. At first it looked like some playful banter between ...

Kevin Garnett Loses Net Worth. Master P Gives Advice?!?!

Percy Miller better known as music mogul Master P gave great advice to basketball player Kevin Garnett about how could have stopped his accountant from stealing $77 million dollars from him. However, there was some backlash against Master P. Some ...

Did Tupac Reveal Who Was Responsible for His Death?

Tupac spoke about why he believed Diddy and Biggie had something to do with his shooting. Could it be possible that Tupac knew who would be responsible for his death? There was a lot of controversy behind Tupac Shakur getting ...

Eminem Claims Diddy Had Tupac Shakur Killed on “Killshot”

On the Uncensored Truth Podcast Live, host O’God and Sam Ant discussed how Eminem was on a path to diss music mogul Sean Comb better known as P Diddy. What is up with Eminem? He really went after Diddy. Eminem ...