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Casanova Upset About No Visitation!!!!



Casanova Upset About No Visitation.

Casanova Upset About No Visitation. It is no secret that being in jail is hard. But now Casanova is feeling the weight of his incarceration.

Casanova not handling jail well

Casanova upset about no visitation. The imprisoned rapper put out a tweet that was concerning, according to USA Today. We have been giving you updates about Casanova’s current state.

A little while back Casanova was seen doing the TikTok challenge (#junebug). And, once the video went viral Casanova got in trouble.

Although, dancing in private in your cell may not be an issue. The fact, Casanova was posted on a unknown woman’s video was. In addition, pictures of him dancing were posted on Instagram, as well.

I am not sure what the rules are concerning social media for inmates. But Casanova accrued more charges for being on social media. As a result, Casanova can’t have any visitors. Here is the tweet that Casanova posted:

However, I am not sure anyone can visit prisoners due to Covid – 19 restrictions. Be that as it may, Casanova tweeted this interesting message, “They saying free me on the internet, I’m a hour away ain’t get a visit yet…hope that don’t go over your head…”

So, it appears that being in prison is getting to Casanova. At first, it seemed Casanova would be getting out. Especially, since his lawyer put the necessary bail package together.

With that being said, Casanova will remain behind prison walls for now. It may be a good idea for Casanova to seek counseling support. To my understanding prison is not for the faint of heart.


Check out the video above for more details.

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