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Carmelo Anthony On Depression



The Memoir of Carmelo Anthony

In a recent interview, Carmelo Anthony discussed overcoming depression and childhood trauma. He goes into more detail about these topics in his new book, Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised: A Memoir of Survival and Hope.

The NBA superstar suffered depression in silence like so many other African American men. In the Black community mental illnesses were not culturally taken seriously until recently. Prior to the early 2010s, black people were encouraged to “pray about it” if they were suffering from mental anguish or depression. Accusations of lacking faith from the faith-based community which is largely Christian were the most common diagnosis.

Black Men Avoid Hospitals

Due to a series of unfortunate events like the Tuskegee experiment, it is difficult to corral black men into hospitals. Several politicians have complained about African Americans refusing vaccinations, while others invoke their pasts which consist of centuries of Medical Apartheid.

Carmelo Anthony has suffered his share of public indiscretions including the affairs that led to the split in his marriage with the American TV personality, Lala Anthony.

Suffering from Depression Unawares

Carmelo Anthony said to Correspondent Nayo Cambell of The Grio during an interview, that he would not change his past because he learned powerful lessons from his unique set of experiences. The Ten-Time NBA All-Star battled depression unawares.

He writes his book from an insider’s perspective using his unique voice as the tone throughout the book. “Melo” says speaking about his experiences was the catalyst that helped him realize that he was suffering from mental illness in the form of depression. Anthony says,

“And for me like, I didn’t know you know, I know now looking back like damn I went through that – I had to be depressed going through that sh**… I’m glad I can sit and tell the story from a different perspective now.”

Carmelo Anthony’s Voice

The new author’s book can be found as an audiobook on audible, on Kindle, as an audio CD, and hardcover at Considering that the author wanted to convey the story in his own voice, we recommend an audio version of the memoir.

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