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Cancel Culture Comes for Saneter Studios?



saneter studios
Members of the Black Youtube community are calling for the cancellation of Content Creator Saneter, legally Frank Garry. Saneter Studios is a youtube platform that began by sharing audio and visual recordings of conscious community conferences, films, and lectures. He has been credited with boosting the notoriety of people Like Young Pharaoh, Brother Polight, Dr. Umar Johnson, Tariq Nasheed, Sara Suten Seti, and several Hebrew Israelites who participate in programming on his youtube channel as well as in real life on location.

Saneter Studios: Formerly

Saneter and the conscious community carry conversations surrounded by the theme of racism and white supremacy. They regularly discuss the institution of chattel slavery, slave codes, Jim Crow laws, and the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. They also discuss privatized prisons, the prison industrial complex, racial disparities in criminal sentencing, and police brutality as it concerns the lives of black men. They look to themselves as natural leaders of the black community as a result of their race and gender. Their community tends to shun higher education citing that it “whitewashes” the mind of a black man. What is meant by whitewashing is; brainwashing a black man to think like a white man which would result in an inferiority complex.

Why do they want Saneter Canceled?

When news of the arrest of Michael “Brother Polight” Noak broke, members of this community received the news as a conspiracy to take down yet another great black man as was done with the late Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Men of this community have gone as far as the call the 14-year-old victim known only to us as T.S., a liar and an agent. Saneter fell in line with those of his conscious community when he spoke to Michael “Brother Polight” Noak on 08/18/2021. Saneter said things like “people are taking crazy” regarding the allegations against Noak. Alluding to his disbelief in the claims against Noak which have been corroborated by forensic evidence. Noak has been known to study the works of Malachi Z York, a man also incarcerated for the sexual abuse of children. This would suggest insensitivity to the molestation of minors.

Michael “Brother Polight” Noak: Persecuted or Guilty?

The minor child Noak gave alcohol to before sexually assaulting, had his DNA on her mouth, face, shirt, chest, and scarf. Other tests showed that the alcohol he gave her, contributing to the delinquency of a minor; was mixed with a cocktail of four different drugs. In spite of the evidence, the predominantly African American men of this community refuse to believe the innocent girl child, whose rape kit proved that vaginally, she is still a virgin. For this, subscribers among the ranks of Black youtube who believe the child and her mother, have called for mister “talk black to me” to be canceled.

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