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Busta Rhymes Video Rant Goes Viral!!!



Busta Rhymes Video Rant Goes Viral

Should Busta Rhymes be canceled for his opposing views on mask mandates and social distancing? Doesn’t Trevor”Busta Rhyme” Smith have a right to his opinion? Did Busta say what some people are thinking?

Is Busta The Next Victim of “Cancel Culture” Mentality?

A video Busta was seen in during  June has resurfaced. And, the video went viral on social media Tuesday. Apparently, the veteran rapper goes into an anti-mask rant against the government.  The rapper was on a break during the Seoul Taco 10th anniversary block party in Missouri, as reported by Page Six. Nevertheless, people are now saying Busta should be canceled. What’s with this cancel culture mess? Even political commentator Roland Martin slammed Busta for his comments, according to All Hip Hop.

“What we are witnessing are people who have significant platforms, who sound about as dumb as Donald Trump about injecting bleach and sunlight into your body and it’s going to come out of your body,” said Roland Martin.

He continued, “Busta Rhymes, you are a rapper. You are a successful rapper. You are one of the best rappers. But you don’t know s### about science or medicine. Do I respect your rap game? Yes… But on this topic, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

Should we cancel everyone with differing views?  Frankly, Busta was just being honest. At some point, many of his have talked about the government mandates, as it relates to the wearing of masks and social distancing measures, as well. What about having a conversation with Busta about why he feels that way. Instead of blasting him. The idea of “cancel culture” is going too far. Isn’t there enough division in the black community? Whatever happened to helping to educate one another?

Even though, Busta used some very vulgar language to express his frustration. He does have a valid point. We all had to adjust to the Covid-19 restrictions. It has been very difficult to social distance and wears masks. Our way of life was challenged during the pandemic. Surely, we did not see the virus on the horizon. And, just when people were getting used to being outside after restrictions were lifted. We were hit with the Delta variant of the virus. So, it’s understandable to feel frustrated.  Naturally, people were getting used to being outside, traveling, and being with family again. Only to find out that regardless of getting the vaccine we still must wear masks.

Not to mention, being inside and away from family has taken its toll on some. With that said, should Busta be have received such a backlash? I guess it depends on what your views are concerning the government mandates on the spread of the virus. In my opinion, we should be cautious. We should be responsible. We should follow our conscience. Especially, as it relates to protecting those we love. If wearing a mask and social distancing will save lives then why not do it. Someone very close to me had Coronavirus. Thankfully, they have fully recovered. But some people have died from Covid-19.  However, I would not cancel out what Busta said. He is entitled to what he thinks and feels. We don’t have to agree with him. How about we get rid of the idea of canceling someone because of their views? SMH!!!

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Check out the video above for more details.

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