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Rapper YG Home Raided by Police!!!



Breaking: Rapper YG's Home Was Raided by Police

BREAKING: YG’s home was raided by police. Keenon Jackson aka YG is the target of an investigation by the Sheriff’s office in Los Angeles County. There were 4 men who were detained but no one was arrested.

There has been an ongoing investigation on YG

Earlier this month was a YG was investigated for a fatal shooting. Allegedly, Jackson’s SUV was confiscated during the investigation, according to XXL Mag. Jackson claims that he was no where near the scene of the crime. However, the SUV was registered in Jackson’s name. There was a shoot out where an elderly man was shot and killed “Ricky Cornel Sparks.” Unfortunately, Sparks was an innocent bystander why may have gotten caught in the crossfire between police and the person driving the SUV on July 3, 2019. Jackson continues to maintain his innocence. Also, Jackson was not home during the raid today.

rapper yg home raid

Check out the video above for more details.

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