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Breaking News: Meek Mill Conviction May be Overturned In Court Today!!!



Breaking News: Meek Mill's Conviction Overturned In Court Today

Breaking News: Meek Mill conviction may be overturned in court today. Meek will be getting a new trial. Meek will have new judges to look at his case from 2008. This is great news for the rapper turned activist.

Finally, Meek Mill gets new trial for 2008 conviction

Meek Mill has been fighting the court system for many years. In fact, Meek has been on probation since 2008. You may remember that Meek was thrown back in jail for violation of his probation in 2017. As a result Judge Genece Brinkley sentence Meek to 2-4 years behind bars. However, many of Meek’s fans along with 76ers co- owner, Michael Rubin signed petitions and rallied for Meek to be released. Although, Brinkley held a vendetta against Meek he was let go from jail, according to TMZ report. Meek Mill will not have to face Brinkley this time around. A group of judges will decide whether the corrupt officer , Reginald Graham who arrested Meek back in 2008 did so illegally. Meek Mill could finally be freed from the court system.

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