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Breaking: Comedian AJ Johnson Dead!!!



Breaking: Comedian AJ Johnson Dead

Some sources are reporting that comedian AJ Johnson has died. details of his death are a little sketchy. His friend sent a message which may have confirmed the rumors. Unfortunately, some sources are saying that AJ may have died from a possible heart attack.

Actor A J Johnson of “Friday’s” Fame is Gone

The actor-comedian, best known for his role in the cult classic “Friday’s” has passed away. The “Friday’s movies which starred rapper Ice Cube and comedian Chris Tucker put most of the actors in the movie on the map. AJ’s family and friends believe he died from drugs and alcohol, as reported by MTO.  Some people were aware that AJ was a recovering addict. While others did not know AJ had a previous issue with drug abuse. The very funny comedian was born in Compton, California.

Of course, AJ was a stand-up comedian before his debut in acting.  AJ landed the role of E.Z.E. in the movie “House Party”. AJ was one of the party-goers at Play’s house with the Geri curl. Also, AJ appeared in other films such as “Lethal Weapon 3, and “Menace II Society. However, most of us remember AJ in the first, “Friday” movie. Although, his character Ezel had just a small role his character stole every scene he was in. Especially, because Eze played a familiar street crackhead.

AJ’s name may have escaped some but his roles did not. AJ starred beside rapper Master P in “I Got The Hook Up.” Some other roles you may remember AJ in are, “The Players Club”,  and “How To Be A Player.” AJ had great comedic timing. Unfortunately, AJ is not the only actor to die from the Friday’s franchise, actors Reynaldo Rey, Tiny Lister, and John Witherspoon have all passed away. We will keep you updated on any developments in AJ’s death.

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Here is the actual post from a friend with the news of AJ’s death.

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