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Boxing Champ Floyd Mayweather Robbed!!!



This just in, boxing champ Floyd Mayweather was robbed. The mansion Floyd just purchased recently was targeted.

Was this Robbery an Inside Job?

In the recent Floyd Mayweather robbery, sources are reporting that a lot was taken from Floyd’s home. In fact, robbers made off luggage, sunglasses, and accessories.

However, at this time we know $10k of jewelry was stolen in the heist. But we know Floyd loves buying expensive things, as reported by The Source.

What is surprising is Floyd had state of the art security system. So, it makes me wonder if it was someone who knew him. Or someone who knew how to disarm the security system.

Be that as it may, Floyd was livid. And, he took to social media.


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Unfortunately, the area Floyd lives in has experienced break-ins. In other words, Floyd may not have been the intended target.

Has Mayweather Been Robbed Before?

Also, this is not the first time Floyd was robbed.  Back in 2008, Floyds Las Vegas home was robbed of around $7m. Of course, the champ has insurance.

Although, it is very unpleasant when you are robbed of your personal things. Surely, Floyd is grateful no one was hurt during the robbery. Can you image being robbed of $7m?

If it were me I would be really upset. Especially, if was a family heirloom. Overall, if Floyd has insurance he will make out good.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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