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Boosie Was Present At Fatal Shooting!!!



Boosie Was Present At Fatal Shooting.

Boosie Was Present At Fatal Shooting. Doesn’t seem as though trouble follows Boosie Badazz. Or are these shootings coincidental.

Boosie escapes harm, once again

Boosie was present at fatal shooting. It was during a video shoot when a barrage of gunfire went off. At the time more than 100 people were at the video shot.

This is not the first time Boosie was in the line of fire. However, this time Boosie was not injured. A man was allegedly shot and killed by 22-year – old Christopher Freeman.

As a result, the video was shut down.  Randall Strong Jr. got into a physical alteration with the alleged gunman. There is some video footage of the alleged incident.

With that said, there were no other injuries, as reported by Complex. Fortunately, Boosie was unharmed. He was scheduled to appear at a club in Huntsville.

In case you don’t remember, Boosie was shot in his foot last year. Although, Boosie suffered an injury severe enough for surgery he has recovered.

So far, nor Boosie or Dee Rogers have made any comments about the incident. Is Boosie being targeted? By the way, when witnesses were questioned police did not get answers.

In other words, the street code was in full affect. Since then, we found out that Christopher turned himself in.


Check out the video above for more details.

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