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Bobby Shmurda Almost Gets Into Fight With Fan!!!



Bobby Shmurda Almost Gets Into Fight With Fan

Embattled rapper Ackquille” Bobby Shmurda” Pollard must watch his step. Bobby was just released from a long prison sentence in February this year. And, he is under very strict parole supervision.

Incident With AFan Nearly Cost Bobby His Freedom

The footage of a fan throwing a water bottle at Bobby has surfaced. This incident happened while Bobby was performing on stage. And, Bobby almost came to blows with the fan.  Bobby was performing at the Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, as reported by TMZ. Fortunately, someone on his team pulled Bobby backstage. Some of the details of the alleged incident are a little sketchy. Some are saying the incident happened during Megan Thee Stallions’ performance. Be that as it may, Bobby could have been thrown back in jail.

The strict conditions of Bobby’s parole include him attending aggression and anger management. Bobby has an 8:30 p.m. curfew and he is not allowed to consume any alcohol. And, the list goes on. With that said, Bobby can not afford to violate anything. If so, Bobby will no doubt be sent back to finish out his sentence. Which could be up to five years straight time.

Hopefully, Bobby will stay clear of trouble. Of course, any of us would be upset about someone trying to hit us. In Bobby’s case, he has to walk a thin line. In other words, Bobby must learn how to manage his anger properly. Especially, since he just signed a deal with Jay-Z’s RocNation. A word from the wise: Bobby please don’t blow your second chance.

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Check out the video above for more details.

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