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Black Model Calls out FashionNova: “They Hate Us”



The Jodie Joe

FashionNova is at it again; harming the very women they have built their fortune on the backs of – Black/African American Women. Although model Yodit Yemane is Habesha, the beauty of East African (and possibly Yemeni) ancestry was born in Boca Raton, Palm Beach Florida and is very much an African, and an American. The undeniably gorgeous model known professionally as “Jodie Joe” left Florida, moving to California to pursue a modeling career. The Pretty Little Thing Model is FashionNova’s shortest, most recognizable model.

Yodit Yemane

The Jodie Joe

The fan-favorite of the FashionNova brand recently spoke out against FashionNova saying, “I really wish FashionNova would let me out of this slave contract so I can be great. I’ve invested so much time and energy into a company that hates us/me.”

Yodit The Jodie Joe Yemane

They Hate Us

When the FN model says, “hate us/me” many believe that she is referring to black women. Fast fashion has developed an incredibly toxic relationship with Black fashion designers, especially women. Black woman, after black woman has come out on social media showing and proving that fashion nova has once again ripped off their original styles and pieces often times in only 24 hours.

FN shortest Model

Stealing Style

After ripping off their style, FN charges less for it. The victims are left empty-handed being muses for a corporation that does not respect them nor their culture.
The brand has been repeatedly denounced by independent designers for allegedly selling knockoffs of their designs. Those who reach out to FN say they have been ignored or blocked on social media by FashionNova. Even Versace has a lawsuit against FN for knocking off their original designs.

Culture Vulture Alert!

Kim Kardashian once called out FashionNova for stealing a design from her, the world watched and listened for her, but not for several black women who have made the same complaint.
Luci Wilden, a black woman,  claims to have had her indie creations stolen by FashionNova, below is a picture of the original, and a later photo of  Jodie Joe wearing the FashionNova replica.

Knots and Vibes by Luci Wilden

FashionNova uses AAVE

Adding insult to injury, FashionNova is known to use AAVE in the naming of their items, and in all of their social media posts, “who’s mans is this?” “It’s the stimmy for me” and other African American Vernacular English phraseology. FashionNova cannot be stopped except by a massive boycott. If they can rip off Kim Kardashian who’s famous family is also known for smugly ripping off the fashions and ideas of Black American women as well, then they can continue doing this to Black women who are far less influential.

FashionNova being exposed for stealing the fashion designes of independent black female fashion designers

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