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Biz Markie”Beatbox Pioneer” Dies At 57!!!



Biz Markie"Beatbox Pioneer" Dies At 57

Breaking News: legendary rapper Marcel”Biz Markie” Hall has died from complications of diabetes. Last year, Biz Markie was hospitalized. We later found out he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. However, Biz Markie was working on losing weight and was doing well. Or so we all thought.

Biz Markie was dubbed the “Clown Prince of Hip-Hop

Last week rumor swirled that Biz Markie had died. But the rumors were put to rest by his family. A representative for Biz Markie and his wife, Tara Hall sent out this message,

“It is with profound sadness that we announce, this evening, with his wife Tara by his side, Hip Hop pioneer Biz Markie peacefully passed away. We are grateful for the many calls and prayers of support that we have received during this difficult time,” read the statement.”

Unfortunately, Tara’s words make Biz Markie’s death official. We are all saddened and mourn with his family. We will never forget Biz Markie’s impact on hip hop music. Especially, the way he coined the phrase in his popular hit song “Just A Friend”(1989). Not to mention, one of my favorites ” Vapors.”  Biz Markie’s career spans over 35 years.

During his illustrious career Biz Markie became a man of many talents. Biz Markie started his career as a DJ. He worked in nightclubs and college campuses throughout the east coast. And, Biz Markie went on to have great success with his distinctive ‘beatbox” sound. His debut album entitled ” Goin Off (1988) as put him on the map.

On All Music they shared these words which describes Biz Markie’s style,” Biz Markie’s inclination toward juvenile humor and his fondness for goofy, tuneless, half-sung choruses camouflaged his true talents as a freestyle rhymer.” I could not agree with them more.

Biz Markie – Tap In [Official Music Video]

Celebrities and fans took to social media to give their condolence’s to his family. LL Cool J wrote in a Instagram post, “Rest in power Biz…I love you bro.” Q-Tip tweeted, This one hurts baad…RIP to my Aries bro…ahhh man@Biz Markie damn im gonna miss us so so many memories…hurts bad. My FRIEND,” Also, Bootsy Collins tweeted,

“We lost another Rap legend Mr. Biz Markie, an American rapper, singer, DJ, record producer, actor, comedian, and writer. He’s best known for his 1989 single “Just a Friend”! To a lot of us he was more than Just a Friend. R.I.P. Prayers going out to the family & friends. Bootsy”

Certainly, there will be many more post on social media about Biz Markie. We join everyone in the hip-hop community by sending our heart felt condolence’s to Biz Markie’s family and friends. Rest In Power!!!! (Nobody Beats the Biz)

biz markie

Check out the video above for more details.

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