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Bisexual Beauties or Besties?



It girls of music and social life have been showing up and showing out! However, not with their male partners. Not with their husbands, boyfriends, or significant others but with other equally hot topics in feminine form. Are these bisexual beauties or best friends? Women are known to be a bit touchy-feely with their female friends, and family but this doesn’t look like the case. We say love is love, but we’re still snooping!
We all know Teyana Taylor has been open about steamy threesomes with her husband Iman Shumpert. The muse of Kanye West has also openly joked about throwing women out of their hotel room who show up the next day when she’s ready to revert back to wifely business as usual. Teyana Taylor received an epic lap dance of sorts from Normani at the MTV awards. The seduction was done in true Janet Jackson form, their idol – who has also been rumored to be bisexual. Watch the iconic beauty dodge invasive questioning about hooking up with her dancers at 13 minutes into the interview:

janet j

Normani has been a bit of a mystery for us. She gives us as much as we need to surmise that the “Wild Side” singer stands at a crossroads that goes both ways. First, she teased us with sexual tensions between herself and another member of Fifth harmony – Dinah Hansen. Adoringly dubbed “Norminah” by their fanbase. The way they touch each other, exchange glances, and gush over one another leads us to believe they were more than just friends. Watch this, you be the judge.
It’s also worth noting that Lauren Jauregui of the former 5th Harmony singing group was warned by peers and music executives not to come out as bisexual. Having witnessed firsthand such an experience may have influenced Normani to keep certain aspects of her identity closed. See how the ladies were quoted by their fanbase as speaking on one another.
Normani definitely gave us a queer tease in the ‘Wild Side’ music video with ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper Cardi B. The wife and mother of two have been candid with us for years about her sexual escapades with men and women. Not only that, when her smolderingly hot and sexy sister Hennessy Carolina came out of the closet as a lesbian, confessing and weeping, Cardi B was the one to tell her to stop crying, offering her sex toys to use with her lady loves.
Normani once stunned a crowd as she performed live with her stage backdrop being the colors of the bisexual flag “pink, purple, and blue” which is markedly different from the pride flag which is an inerted rainbow. Coincidence?
Can we also get into this enchanting embrace rapper Saweetie gave America’s most eligible bachelorette, Miss Lori Harvey?
saweetie n lori
Saweetie could be as potentially bisexual as her BFF Doja Cat who has shown the world her lady love. It is often a poor career move to admit such things but Doja Cat is too big of a deal at this point to suffer any consequences. Take a good look at the daughter of Steve and Marjorie Harvey here. She’s picking up whatever Saweetie is putting down and it’s giving us all the feels. To the article’s aforementioned details, we must say “allegedly” and allow you to fill in the blanks as you please.
dojo cat n bree runway

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