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Birdman Will Not Tolerate Disrespect From The Media!!!



Birdman Does Not Tolerate Disrespect From The Media

Birdman will not tolerate disrespect from the media. Brian Williams aka Birdman sits down with Nick Cannon to discuss messy interviews. He is notorious for putting radio host in their place. Especially if you don’t “put some respeck on his name.” So it is not surprising he something to say about social media comments.

Better put some RespecK on Birdman’s name

Who can forget the infamous conversation Birdman had with Charlamagne Tha God on the “Breakfast Club” just a little while back. Birdman came to New York just to address comment that were made by Charlamagne about him. Apparently, Birdman disagreed and blasted all of the host, especially Charlamagne then walked out. This time the atmosphere was not hostile. Birdman spoke very seriously about is take on interviews that go left.  Here is some of what Birdman has to say:

“I think radio is a hell of a job,”Birdman said while laughing when the subject of “messy” interviews came up. “Some people take it completely out of context. They be very disrespectful and downplay the artist. I think as an artist and as a man, first we men and we humans first. So when the disrespect come, it still a line. I think a lot of them crosses that line. I think as a man and as a person, sometimes you gotta step up and check that shit,” he said, adding later, “I’m cool till’ you fuck with me.”

Now that is real talk for you. Obviously, Birdman does not have a problem checking radio host or any one who is disrespectful. It was a great interview. And, Birdman and Nick shared some of their up coming project together.

Birdman warning

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