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Bill Cosby’s Legal Trouble Is Not Over Yet!!!!



Bill Cosby's Legal Trouble Is Not Over Yet

Just as a lot of us suspected. Bill Cosby may be going to trial. There has been information from another alleged victim. This news is sending Bill back to court.

A California Woman Accuses Bill Of Sexual Battery

According to NY Daily News, Bill has another accuser in California. The woman who has been identified as Judy Huth has been waiting for her case to come to trial for seven years. Bill is being accused of sexual battery against Judy. A Los Angeles county judge has given the go-ahead on the case. The alleged incident between Bill and Judy happened back in 1974. According to Judy, Bill took her to what appeared to be “The Playboy Mansion.” Bill allegedly tried to kiss Judy in her mouth, then he proceeded to fondle her private area. He then grabbed her hand and forced her to perform a sex act with him. Judy was a teen at the time of the alleged incident, Bill was 37-years-0ld. The lawsuit against Bill was filed in 2014. In the lawsuit, Judy claimed that she has suffered emotional distress, Judy filed the claim with the LAPD’s victims’ crime unit. However, at the time the Los Angeles County district attorney declined to file criminal charges. The statute of limitations had run out.

With that said, it appears Bill could possibly face another trial. I could not help but wonder how odd this case appears to be. Especially, since the statute of limitations has run out. Even judge Graig Karlan admits that this is one of the oldest cases in his book.”You’re one of the oldest cases, if not the oldest case, on my calendar,” Karlan said Friday. “It’s time to lift the stay.”

So, why is it that they are still moving forward with the case? Bill’s attorney Jennifer Bonjean explains details to the media. Attorney Jennifer said Bill may invoke his “Fifth Amendment rights.” Now, some would think this is so Bill will not incriminate himself. However, after what just happened with the case in Pennslyvania it might be a good strategy. Jennifer feels that the same thing that happened to Bill in Pennslyvania may happen in California. Therefore, it is imperative that we prepare slowly and carefully for this upcoming trial.

To refresh your memory, Bill went to trial for allegedly sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in his mansion in Pennslyvania back in 2004. Bill was convicted and spent 3 of his 10-year sentence behind bars. Bill was released in June when the highest court in America “The Supreme Court” in Pennsylvania overturned his conviction. Clearly, his attorney Jennifer has all of that to contend with. As always, we will bring you updates.

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