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Bill Cosby And His Rep. Think R. Kelly Was Railroaded!!!



The verdict is, Robert Kelly was found guilty.  Kelly was convicted on multiple federal charges. Some of the charges include sex crimes, racketeering, human trafficking, kidnapping, and obstruction of justice. However, when TMZ spoke with Bill Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt. Wyatt gives a different perspective on Kelly’s conviction.

Did Wyatt Echo Bill Cosby’s Thoughts On Kelly’s Conviction?

We should not be surprised about Kelly being found guilty. Especially, since multiply women claim Kelly has sexually assaulted them over a long period of time.  Not To mention, Kelly’s alleged victims include young men, as well.  Having said this, Cosby, Wyatt, and Chuck D of “Public Enemy” feel Kelly did not get a fair trial, as reported by BET. Here is what Wyatt told TMZ

Apparently, Wyatt and Cosby think that systemic racism coupled with attorney Glory Allred’s alleged involvement. “The guy was railroaded.” Wyatt went on to say, Allred presented victims in both Cosby’s and Kelly’s case. This was problematic for both Cosby and Kelly. But Wyatt shared he thinks Kelly will win on appeal. While there may be some similarities. There are also some differences. Kelly was hit with sex trafficking and racketeering. However, Cosby was not.

In addition. Wyatt strongly believes racism played a key role in Kelly’s conviction. Rapper Chuck D shared this on Twitter,


Surely, there will be others who think Kelly did not get a fair trial. It is not over for Kelly, he is facing other charges in Chicago. Also, Kelly’s sentencing will not take place until at least May next year. Whether Kelly can win on appeal, remains to be seen. You can best believe that Wyatt, Cosby, and Chuck D will receive heat for standing with Kelly. On another note, the alleged victims must feel Kelly got what he deserved? What are your thoughts? Is are Kelly guilty or not? Did Kelly get a fair trial? Is systemic racism at work?

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