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Big U Tired Of Nipsey Hussle Rumors!!!!



Big U Tired Of Nipsey Hussle Rumors.

Big U Tired Of Nipsey Hussle Rumors. It always seems that rumors prevail over the truth.

Nipsey’s former manager addresses the naysayers

Big U tired of Nipsey Hussle Rumors. Often, we hear rumors when someone famous dies. In this case, Nipsey’s former manager, Big U has been accused of having Nipsey killed.

Of course, there are other rumors that have surfaced , as well. However, the rumor about Big U’s allegedly involvement in Nipsey’s death still remain.

It has been two years since Nipsey was gunned down outside of his store (The Marathon). Yet, some people keep running with the conspiracy theories.

Although, Eric Holder was arrested for Nipsey’s murder, rumors still are swirling around. Of course, the rumors are very disturbing for Big U.

Especially, since he was the one to first help Nipsey with is music career. On the contrary, Big U was featured on one of Nipsey’s videos (Ain’t No Rap N*****).

With that being said, Big U put the rumors to rest in his interview with hosts O’God and SamAnt. Clearly, Big U is a little baffled that people would believe the rumors.

In addition, Big U mentioned he and Nip were still good friends up until his death. An, he mentioned that some on social media created the rumors for publicity.

Rather than address the rumors Big U just kept moving through them. What would be the point of addressing something so ludacris. Because those close to him and Nipsey know the truth.

big u n nipsey

Check out the video above for more details.

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