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Big Tigger Announces Rap City Reboot!!!!



big tigg

Big Tigger is returning to his t.v. show. The rapper, who is also known as Big Tigg will again be hosting Rap City.

Big Tigger To Host Rap City Again

Big Tigger (real name Darrin Morgan) is coming back.

Revealed on his Instagram page, the rapper/t.v. and radio personality made this announcement –

“this is not a drill… this is not a throwback…#RapCity 21 !! details soon…”

Do you remember Rap City? It aired on BET during the ’90s and ’00s.

Though there were multiple hosts of the popular show, it’s no doubt that Bigg Tigg was the most popular.

He hosted from 1999-2005.

The last show aired in 2008, but it’s coming back now fans!

Can’t wait to see who his first guest will be.

Stay tuned…

big tigger

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