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Big Meech Gets Good News!!!



Big Meech Gets Good News.

Big Meech Gets Good News. Finally, Big Meech was granted a sentence reduction.

Big Meech was granted early release

This new development gives Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory a second chance at freedom. The former gang member and alleged head of the “Black Mafia” have been in prison for over 12 years.

In February this year, we reported that Big Meech was denied early parole. His request was to be given a “Compassionate Release” due to Covid -19.

However, the Court of Appeals denied his request. And, this made it the third time Big Meech was denied. Unfortunately, the board felt Big Meech was not in danger of getting C0vid.

Also, the board believed that Big Meech was in good physical condition. But Big Meech’s brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory was sent home on house arrest. Surely, Big Meech was happy for his brother.

big meech and terryAlthough, he would not be joining him. In case you don’t remember Big Meech and his brother were convicted under the “RICO Act”, as reported by Detriot News. In addition, the sentence each was given was around 30 years.

So, for Big Meech to get the sentence reduction is great news for him, as reported by Black America Web. With that said, U.S. District Judge David M. Lawson agreed to reduce his sentence.

The sentence was reduced from 360 months to 324 months. This is a difference of around 3 years. Instead of Big Meech getting out in 10 years it will be 7 years.

Equally important to note, there were revisions in the USSG amendments 782 and 788, which have revised the drug quantity and chemical quantity tables for all drug offenses.

It appears that Big Meech has met the requirements to receive this reduction towards his sentence.

Big Meech has been a model prisoner

While in prison Big Meech has managed to earn his GED (General Education Diploma), complete a 24 -month special management program.

He has taken money management and parenting classes. There are celebrities like Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson who have rallied for Big Meech’s release.

Hopefully, Big Meech will realize his dreams once he is released.

big meech

Check out the video above for more details.

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