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Benny The Butcher’s Update On IG!!!!



Benny The Butcher's Update On IG

Benny The Butcher’s Update On IG. The rapper was shot in Houston in last month. When the story first broke we did not know much.

Is Benny’s foot paralyzed?

Benny The Butcher’s Update On IG. When I first told you all about the story little details were a little sketchy. However, Benny went on Instagram Live to provide his fans an update. What we now know is Benny is recovering nicely. With that said, Benny mentioned that there is not movement in his foot, as reported by Vlad TV.

Apparently, the shooting was an attempted robbery gone wrong. And, it appeared that Benny was not the intended target. Of course, that did not stop 5 men allegedly pulling up on the rapper and shooting him.

Also, Benny was seen getting onto a jet with crutches. Which could be a clear indication that he is healing well. Here is what Benny revealed on Instagram:

Benny said, “You know me, my shit is good. My shit copacetic. My shit don’t work,” he said while reaching to his right foot. “Let n***as know, my shit don’t work. My foot don’t work. My leg is healed…. I hate saying that shit but I know some people wanna know.” Take a look above”

In addition, Benny seemed very excited about his new music venture. Although, Benny’s foot still has some paralysis he is optimistic. In fact, Benny was reluctant to talk about his injuries.  By the same token, Benny knew his fans would want to know his was doing well. So, he gave an update on his condition since the shooting.

benny the butcher

Check out the video above for more details.

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