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Beanie Sigel Exposes The Grimy Music Industry “Artists Beware”



beanie sigel

Beanie Sigel exposes the grimy music industry, artists beware!

This is a classic throwback from Philly born rapper Beanie Sigel. Sigel admits in this video that he was rocking with Jay Z. It sounds like Sigel learned some very valuable information that he applied in his own music endeavors.

Also, Sigel was now interested in helping those around him in his crew.  He was more interested in now in his entire team having success. Sigel stated, that he is not as hungry, he is eating now, Beanie admits that now he is comfortable. If he’s eating then everyone in his crew was going to be doing the same. In other words, it was time for him to mentor and give back.

Some of the information Sigel was discussing in the interview allude to the 360 deal aka slave deal.  You have to check out this business editorial on our site. It really gives you more details about the grimy practices in the music industry.

Hopefully, young artists will pay close attention to the business end. Ownership is key!!!

Check out the video!

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