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Attorney B Williams Responds To Mark Lamont Comments On Bill!!



Attorney B Williams Responds To Mark Lamont Comments On Bill
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Attorney B.Williams responds to Mark Lamont’s comments on Bill. Political sports analyst Mark Lamont Hill tweeted adds his two cents to the mix.

Lamont tweeted that Bill Cosby is guilty

The news of Bill Cosby’s sentenced being overturned is a hot topic. Either people agree with The Pennsylvania Supreme Courts’ decision or they do not, as reported by All About Laughs.

With that being said, attorney B. Williams responds to Mark Lamont’s comments by giving his take on the situation.

During his interview with hosts, O’God and SamAnt B. Williams was very straightforward.

His answers shed light on the Supreme Courts’ decision. He explained how the justice system works. In particular, in a case such as Bill Cosby’s.

Although B. Williams was not familiar with who Mark was, he did address his comments. Is it safe to say that Mark has a valid point or not?

I thought what he shared was really interesting. Let’s look at Mark’s tweet. Which by the way, Dr. Boyce commented on, as well.

Attorney B. Williams has a different perspective than Mark.

Clearly, Mark felt his point was valid.  However, based on what attorney B. Williams mentioned. Justice was served on Bill’s behalf. As it relates, to how the justice system works.

Whether people agree with the court’s decision or not, Bill’s rights were violated. Of course, the ruling was based on an alleged technicality. This is why a lot of people are so upset.

I agree with attorney B. Williams’s position. He mentioned that Bill was not treated fairly. If you ask me, Montgomery County prosecutor Kevin Steele blew it.

Attorney B Williams Responds To Mark Lamont Comments On Bill

It is not a question of whether Bill is guilty or not? The prosecutor had the responsibility to uphold the law. In this case, prosecutor Kevin Steele did not.

Of course, this does not exonerate Bill’s behavior towards women. Important to note, over 60 women alleged he drugged and sexually assaulted them is important.

Ironically, Bill had as many rights to a fair trial as anyone else. Although, I am sure some will beg to differ. At any rate, Bill is a free man.

Additionally, he can not be tried again for the case against Andre Constandt. More importantly, I don’t think other women will pursue cases against him, at this point.

mark vs bill

Check out the video above for more details.

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