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Asian Doll and Nikita Dragun Fight it Out Over Social Media



Nikita Dragun

Nikita Dragun released a new music video called ‘Dick”. In the song and video, the trans-woman exposes cis-gendered women for imitating her and mocks them for it. The Youtuber formerly known as Nick Dragun added African American rapper Asian Doll to her list of people to expose in her music video.

Asian Doll versus Nikita Dragun

Fans quickly rushed to Asian Doll’s Twitter account asking her why Nikita Dragun put the word “Dick” across her face in her music video. It was clear Asian Doll felt slighted and offended at the reference. The word ‘dick’ was placed across the faces and genital areas of women as if to suggest that they are trans-women as well.

Nikita Dragun’s ‘Dick’ Music Video Engenders War between Cis-Het Black Women and Trans-Women.

Asian Doll and Nikita Dragun soon became involved in a heated back and forth about black women and trans-women. Nikita Dragun, who is Asian, expressed that in her opinion trans-women set the trends for cis-gendered women. Asian Doll, who is African American held that Black women are the blueprint for LGBTQiA+ trends and deserve respect.

Misgendering Black women is OK, but misgendering trans-women is Not

Black and trans-women have been going back and forth for years in painful disagreements regarding identity. No race of women is misgendered and accused of being men more than Black/African women. This creates a division between the Black community and its LGBTQiA+ counterparts. It is understood that misgendering a trans-woman (calling her ‘he’ for example) is transphobic but misgendering black women is regarded as playful banter rather than the same brand of gender-based verbal abuse.

Nikita Dragun in Box Braids

Nikita Dragun in Box Braids

Nikita Dragun spared no one, not Tyga who she recently outed as trans-attracted, nor her own fan who she listed among the many cis-gendered women who imitate her. Nikita Dragun fan, @Lashlioness had this to say to Nikita Dragun shading her for wearing the same dress:

‘This is so mean to me @NikitDragun !!! Why would yo shade your fans in your video? I really loved her and she gon say “you wearin shit that I already wore” My former stylist pulled this dress for my b day years ago. I’m not a celebrity or a opp for you to be tryna shade or bully, I’m a supporter! Like, I coulda been let out this video in a negative way but I wish her the best (heart emoji)#nikitadragun #fyp #bully

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